Sustainability Code 1. Our Community Values

  • We use the analogy of a river forming from drops coming together to “join one another,  strength in unity”, mirroring the ethos of our club. 

  • We take advantage of our waterways for our pastimes and pleasure, but “We do not have an absolute right to use and abuse the water…the water  belongs to its self” (Maracle, 2017). 

  • “We must take care of the water and ensure we have a good relationship with it, this  relationship is based on mutual respect….we are responsible for taking care of it, in  exchange we get to use it” (Maracle , 2017) 

Our Community Core Values are: 

  1. Be friendly to everyone you meet, say hello! 

  2. Slow down! Physically, mentally and emotionally. Sit for 5 and just breathe

  3. Be Kind! 

  4. Be positive, especially when you are having a hard day. 

  5. Offer a helping hand. 

  6. Volunteer locally. There are so many organisations that could do with your talents,  put yourself out there. You won’t be disappointed. You will gain more than you  give. 

  7. Love where you live. Live where you love. 

We protect and nourish what we love.  

  • Smile at everyone you meet today. 

  • Find a “sit spot”. Find a spot outdoors that appeals to you and sit without  your phone and let the world pass you by!