Sustainability Code 2. Carbon Footprint

Sustainability Code West Cork kayak Club 

Covid 19 was an isolating and lonely time where we couldn’t meet up with  our friends and family but now things have changed, and we can help  change our carbon footprint! 

Next time you are planning a trip, ask yourself where are you coming from and who could join you? Carpooling not only helps with our carbon footprint but it  also makes it cheaper as we can split fuel costs. Parking logistics are easier as you have fewer cars. 

When driving to the river, does your boat need to go on top of the roof or  can it fit inside? Putting your boat inside your car helps to lower wind  resistance, reducing fuel consumption and your carbon footprint.  

Are shuttles necessary for a good day on the water? Shuttles are  complicated, people get cold and bored, and your car ends up smelling like  damp socks for weeks afterwards. Instead, how about finding a looped  route meaning you start and finish in the same place. This cuts down driving  time and helps lower your carbon footprint.  

Are you constantly driving around with excess stuff in the boot? All  this extra weight adds up and uses more fuel. Try only packing what you  absolutely need and help improve your carbon footprint. 

Plan your trips. Most trips we do we pass through towns and villages. This  is a great opportunity to do your grocery shopping on the way home and  save time later in the week.  This cuts down another trip to town later in the week when you  were right there on Saturday. 

Do we really need to drive all the way to Clare for a paddle or could we  have just as much fun locally? Lockdown taught us to appreciate the beauty  around us. Have you explored every nook and cranny in west cork or is  there more waiting? Why bother driving for 8 hours to do the same thing?  Is it necessary? 

We all love exploring the rest of Ireland. How about an overnight trip or two to get the most out of long journeys? Less driving once you are  there perhaps!